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Making the Invisible VISIBLE

Your most interoperable and comprehensive 
in-flight traffic information solution!

What will you get?

Unprecedented visibility of air traffic!

SafeSky retrieves real-time traffic information from unparalleled sources.
With the PREMIUM version, you can seamlessly integrate and display this traffic on your navigation app and eConspicuity device. 

All you need is your smartphone or tablet to become eConspicious.


SafeSky focuses on connectivity with existing systems.
If you own a situational awareness device, SafeSky combines its air traffic information with that of your device for a merged view on your navigation app.

Adding SafeSky significantly enhances your traffic awareness.


Upgrade to PREMIUM to show SafeSky air traffic on your preferred navigation app, which provides radar mode and a direct situational traffic awareness in your moving map.

With EasyVFR4 and Air Nav Pro, we take it a step further by embedding SafeSky directly in the navigation app, meaning you no longer have to launch both applications separately to enjoy this seamless integration.

For all pilots.

It is our ambition to improve air safety for pilots across the board, whatever type of aircraft you fly. 


This is what you tell us:

"SafeSky saved my life."
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We believe in the power of collaboration and are taking on a federating role in addressing the significant challenges facing air safety in General Aviation.


We have earned remarkable feedback from various reputable sources, including the specialised press, aviation experts, and most importantly, from our valued pilots such as yourself.

Winner “Most impacting digitalisation award” 2021.

Winner “Innovation of the Year 2023”.

Finalist “Play Your Airfield” challenge 2023.

Your satisfaction score 2023.

5-star rating from the specialised press.

We're here to help. 

As a user, we want to make sure you have everything you need to fully enjoy your SafeSky experience. 

Tap into the collective wisdom of our community of pilots.

A wealth of resources walks you through the app's features.

Find the answers to the most frequent questions.

A comprehensive guide to enhance your SafeSky experience

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