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Unveiling of the Aero Tracker with SafeSky Inside® at AERO!

Updated: May 3

On the occasion of AERO Friedrichshafen 2024, we are introducing today a new, first-of-a-kind anti-collision solution: the Aero Tracker powered with SafeSky Inside®, a result of our collaboration with AVIONIX Engineering.

The best of two worlds.

Pilots using the Aero Tracker with SafeSky Inside® will enjoy the benefits of radio transmission combined with SafeSky mobile internet traffic. An absolute first in the anti-collision world and the most complete solution a pilot can get today.

Concretely, it offers pilots:

  • Radio and SafeSky combined for enhanced safety

  • Real-time traffic alerts during flights for a wide range of aircraft, including general aviation, gliders, paramotors, paragliders, and even some drones.

In essence, it's simple, convenient, portable and self-powered plug & play.

Receive or transmit? Choose no longer.

Who will you see?

Who will see you?​

  • Traffic by radio on 868Mhz and 1090Mhz

  • Traffic by mobile internet from SafeSky

Combined, this includes ADS-B, Mode-S, ADS-L, FLARM, OGN, FANET, PilotAware and more.

  • All pilots using SafeSky App or one of the native integrations

  • Aircraft equipped with ADS-L or OGN receivers


We are putting the finishing touches on the development of the Aero Tracker with SafeSky Inside®. This might take a couple more months. As soon as it goes into production, we will make an announcement on our website and via our newsletter.

Don’t miss out as on top of it, it will come with a very competitive price!


The Aero Tracker with SafeSky Inside® completes SafeSky’s anti-collision ecosystem, offering 4 solutions tailored to different pilot needs:


  1. SafeSky App Designed for pilots who want to share their position and receive alerts by simply using their phone or tablet. The brand-new Version 3 offers unique PREMIUM features like the SmartRadar, real-time weather updates, ...

  2. Aero Tracker with SafeSky Inside® Combining SafeSky traffic from over 30 sources with radio transmission, it’s ideal for pilots who value comprehensive visibility and the automatic activation of SafeSky.

  3. Third-party integrations 15+ native integrations and traffic exchanges across all pilot categories, including free flight and drones, catering to pilots who appreciate confort.

  4. Ground station powered by SafeSky For clubs, federations, and pilots keen on contributing to broader safety efforts.

Tristan FILY, CEO SafeSky: 
“We always said we didn’t want to leave anyone behind in air safety. We started with integrating maximal air traffic into the SafeSky traffic. Today, we take another step forward by offering a variety of solutions to meet diverse pilot needs. To do so, we partner with leading eConspicuity device manufacturers to revolutionise their technology by integrating SafeSky. We thank AVIONIX Engineering for their partnership and contribution to this transformation in air safety.”


 💡 Similar co-developments are to be expected in the near future. Stay tuned!

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