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French Pilot

SafeSky tales from the sky: 'see the invisible' in the Massif Central.

"These experiences strengthen my confidence in SafeSky and its role in enhancing air safety."

Dave - UK pilot

I'm fan!

"Like Amex: "Don't leave home without it !""

Julien van der Rest - Instructor

Why integrate Safesky into the curriculum of student pilots.

"In a second step, the student can use this application to further develop his situational awareness knowledge."

Thomas Borchert - Editor in Chief

Flieger Magazin

“Our conclusion after flying with SafeSky: as of now we will always use it."

Ian Seager - Editor in Chief

Flyer Magazine

“SafeSky, could save your life - and it's free. What's not to like?”

José Bertolin

Spain to Germany

"To my humble opinion, it is a fantastic app. It should be considered a "MUST HAVE" tool, along with others... such as SkyDemon and Windy"

Peter Snoeckx - Journalist

Hangar Flying - EN

"With SafeSky you can navigate with EasyVFR and get the nearby air traffic projected on your map"

Daniel Klijnsma

The more the safer

"As a user from the very beginning, I genuinely hope that SafeSky's user base will grow quickly"

Ingrid Schabon

Above the Channel

"The internet in flight does not work”? Check this out.



"SkyEcho combined with SafeSky: my new best friend in flight"

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