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In the event of an accident, the mobile phone is often the last remaining way to alert the emergency services. This inspired SafeSky to develop the Mayday feature.

In case of an emergency, trigger the alert on your smartphone or tablet. The contacts you saved in the app will immediately be notified via email and/or SMS. Your trajectory, last known position, and the phone numbers to call for assistance depending on your location, will be included in the message sent to them.


Approach mode

When approaching airfield, where traffic density is higher and route changes are more frequent, the interface of an anti-collision system in cruise mode is not always the most suitable. 

This is whSafeSky created the "Approach" Mode, which allows you to simply locate yourself in the aerodrome circuit and locate traffic. 

This function is also useful for pilots who train on laps.


Weather report

Weather is a major safety factor. 

SafeSky incorporates the latest available METARs which provide you with information on flight patterns, wind, visibility and ceiling.

Ideal for a quick last check before taking off, METAR updates will also be available during your flight.


Visual and audible alerts

SafeSky is designed to be hidden in a corner of your dashboard or even carried in your pocket. 

Several alerts are sent in the event of a conflict. Your smartphone/tablet will flicker as long as there is a danger. 


It's also possible to use your smartphone's flashlight as a trigger. 

Moreover, if you have a Bluetooth-enabled helmet, you will receive an audible alert similar to "traffic at 2 o'clock." 

Your eyes can fully focus looking outside.

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