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Wow, we couldn't have asked for better music to our ears!

Our partnership with Gaggle, the integration of SafeSky app into the EasyVFR navigation app, the integration of Mode-S and military air traffic in our traffic … these are just a few of the exciting recent developments that have come from your feedback.

Asking for feedback is part of our DNA: Our app gives you eyes 👀, and we're all ears👂 when it comes to your suggestions.

We recently conducted a survey to get a better sense of what our pilot users love about SafeSky, and where we can improve. The results are in …

Survey results - Feedback survey March 2023 with 30,000 pilotes

Overall, you gave us a great distinction!


Your top 3 “most liked” aspects:

We're committed to maintaining these strengths and keeping your appreciation high.

A few of your comments:

"Working seamlessly with SkyEcho" - "The most extensive traffic information" - "I like everything!" - "Perfect add-on to SkyDemon" -"Very easy to use" - "Radar view is genius" - "It spotted aircraft which I could not see" - "For me the best thing is its portability" - "Should be made mandatory"

Your top 3 “areas of improvement”:

We have already started looking into these! Check it out and ... more to come.

About improvement...

At the heart of our success lies a fundamental belief in the power of collaboration. We know that by working closely with key industry players and our pilots, we can unlock the key to true innovation and interoperability.

However, sometimes the will or decision may not be solely within our control, which may hinder our ability to fulfil all your requests … like these. Nevertheless, we promise to persistently reach out to our industry colleagues to explore new collaborative opportunities.

Also, we believe we have the solution to some of your most pressing concerns! Check out our Support page.

We picked your brain! One of the many suggestions we received is the ability to invite your fellow pilots to join you on the SafeSky app. And guess what? We're already on it! But that's not all! We've also heard your calls for more tutorials and supporting materials. That is also already in the works.

We’re grateful for your role in helping us develop for you the most affordable, complete and interoperable air traffic awareness app. If you have any personal question on our app that can not be solved through our FAQ, website or Forum, or if you have another brilliant idea, do let us now on so that we can listen and help!


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