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Share your position and
receive traffic alerts from others.


Game-changing in preventing mid-air collisions.

Trusted by 70,000+ pilots in Europe and beyond, the App provides a heads-up on potential converging traffic, addressing the limitations of "See and Avoid".
It's community-driven, allowing you to share your position in flight and get real-time traffic information from fellow pilots.
All you need is a tablet or phone.

Upgrade to PREMIUM for extra comfort and interoperability.

Traffic awareness is not just about knowing the traffic; it's about seeing it across all your tools. 


Upgrade to SafeSky PREMIUM to unlock seamless integration of SafeSky's traffic into your navigation app. You can also connect the SafeSky App with your eConspicuity device, displaying that traffic back on SafeSky and your preferred navigation software. 


The PREMIUM plan also grants access to advanced pilot features like SmartRadar, real-time weather updates, AIP layer in map view, and much more.

Free flight

Gaggle, Syride, eVario, XCTrack, Flymaster, theFlightVario, SKYTRAXX, Air3, Wingit,


Aviant, SkeyDrone, SAFIR-Ready, Naviation, HemsWX, CavokUAS, Norwegian Police Air Support Unit

Navigation software

EasyVFR, AirNavigationPro

eConspicuous hardware

SkyEcho, PowerFLARM, PilotAware, SafeSky Inside® devices, and any GDL90 device

Radio protocols

868Mhz and 1090Mhz, ADS-B, FLARM, Mode S (using MLAT), ADS-L, Fanet, Microtrack, OGN tracker, PilotAware, FlyingNeurons, Spider, Spot, InReach, Navigate, …

The most comprehensive

in-flight information service.

Beyond app-generated traffic, SafeSky aggregates data from third-party integrations and networks of ground stations. In total, SafeSky offers you access to over 30 traffic sources from all aircraft types, ranging from general aviation to helicopters, paramotors, trikes, paragliders, and even drones.


This comprehensive traffic information, detailed below, is freely available across both App plans: free and PREMIUM.


Comfort and compatibility

  • All benefits of the free plan

  • Advanced SmartRadar 

  • Weather updates 

  • Alerts cancellation options 

  • AIP layer in map view 

  • Compatibility with EFB
    (SkyDemon, AirNavigationPro, EasyVFR...

  • Connection with your device
    (SkyEcho, PilotAware...

  • Multiple aircraft configuration

  • Flight recording and logs 

  • And much more!


Safety for all,
no ads

  • Share your position in flight

  • Access to the most comprehensive traffic

  • Visual and audible alerts in case of danger

  • Locate your fellow pilots

  • Map or radar mode

  • Tracking of your last flight

  • Available in 40 countries and 8 languages

  • Public or private mode


Tailored to your needs.


Features our pilots no longer are able to fly without.

The brand new SmartRadar

Get a genuine TCAS experience displaying alerts when it matters most.


Latest weather updates

Weather is a major safety factor. The SafeSky App incorporates the latest available METARs. 

AIP layer on map view

The App provides you with context about surrounding aircraft and their flying intentions.

Traffic integrated in your navigation map

View all traffic shared and aggregated by SafeSky in your navigation app.

Mayday: Call out for help

Bad things can happen when we fly. In the event of an emergency, the free SafeSky App allows to alert the emergency services. 

Connect with your external device

Connect with any GDL90 device (SkyEcho, Stratux, SKYTRAXX...) and display the traffic on your navigation app. 


It is a fantastic App. It should be considered a "MUST HAVE" tool for any pilot.

José, Spanish pilot

With SafeSky, I see what I didn't notice before with the 'see and avoid' method.

Sven, Belgian pilot

Don't go flying without SafeSky, just like you won't leave your house without your credit card.

Dave, UK pilot


Quickly find the solution to your question by checking the most frequently asked questions by your fellow pilots and our answers.


The magic lies in our technology.

The SafeSky App gives you live traffic information during your flight using your device's GPS. Its technology is designed to work even with very weak mobile connections. In Europe, we have an 80% success rate for transmitting data up to 5,000 feet. This is where most mid-air collisions occur.

In essence, thanks to its technology, the SafeSky App turns your phone into a transponder!

Equipped with radio transmission.

  • Seen by other aircraft equipped with radio transmission device

  • See other aircraft equipped with compatible radio transmission device in the vicinity

  • Radio signal received by ground stations and sent to SafeSky's servers

Equipped with radio transmission devices and SafeSky (mobile internet).

  • Same as green aircraft

  • In addition share/receive traffic through mobile internet

  • See the majority of the traffic, radio and Internet

Equipped with SafeSky (mobile internet).

  • Share and receive traffic through mobile internet

  • See all traffic using SafeSky AND traffic received by ground stations


Electronic device.

Plug. Play. Fly.

The best of 2 worlds: SafeSky traffic by mobile internet AND radio transmission.

Third-party integrations.

Making the invisible visible.

Through native integration, SafeSky welcomes traffic from 15+ systems.

Ground station.

Air safety from the ground.

SafeSky supports the set-up of a European ground station network.

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