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SafeSky wins the "Innovation of the Year” award from fliegermagazin!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Our app, SafeSky, has been named the "Innovation of the Year" by fliegermagazin at The Leading Show for General Aviation #aerofriedrichshafen.

Since our launch in 2021, our mission is to go beyond the traditional "See and Avoid" principle by adding the concept of “BE SEEN”.

Our success is the result of our app’s unique interoperability capabilities through our collaborative approach with key industry leaders. It ensures the greatest traffic view a pilot can get in the air, meeting the latest eConspicuity recommendations from EASA and the BEA to promote interoperability of electronic visibility systems.

Tristan FILY, CEO SafeSky: "This prestigious award recognises our groundbreaking work in making the invisible visible. But above all, we owe this prize to our many loyal pilots and supporters. Their unwavering trust, support and of course their votes, played a vital role in us winning this prestigious award."

We see this award as an invitation to the entire GA industry to join our collaborative effort to make the sky the safest place on Earth. We invite industry players to reach out and explore new opportunities for working together. In the same way as we believe we can make the invisible visible, we are convinced that, by working together, we can make the impossible possible.

We also want to express our gratitude to the organisers of the event, fliegermagazin, and in particular its Editor in Chief, Thomas BORCHERT, for his collaborative mobilisation within the aeronautics community.

More information here. Congratulations to all nominees and winners !


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