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A new website at your service!

2024 is the year of new things! After our new App Version 3, the ongoing co-development of a combined air-to-air SafeSky Inside® tracker, today we announce the launch of our new website.


What changes?

With a brand-new look, and reflecting our latest ecosystem of anti-collision solutions, it brings an up-to-date view of all solutions you can benefit from to stay safe in the sky.

Our new website is brought into life with your pictures capturing your authentic real-life experiences in the sky. You see the sky through your fellow pilots' eyes! A big thank you to all pilots sharing their pictures.

Our website will also enjoy the latest user technology, including automatic translations. Today, this feature is highly qualitative and allows all pilots to choose their own native language.

This means our new website will be available in English, and you decide in which language you would like to continue. We will do the same with our future newsletters.


Quick reminder on how to change the language of a website:

Yes, it can sometimes give some funny translation, but hey who doesn’t like some fun in life?


We are convinced that our new website will contribute to an even greater user experience and will better balance the representation of our pilots' community.


What’s more, the extra time that we will gain by no longer translating our communications ourselves, we can put it towards advancing our products!


Enjoy reading!



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