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Norway takes the lead in air safety with a triple partnership involving SafeSky.

📸 Norsk Luftambulanse

We are delighted to announce a strategic collaboration that brings together SafeSky, AVIONIX, and the Norwegian Air Ambulance (“Norsk Luftambulanse”) to enhance air safety in Norwegian airspace.

By combining our respective air traffic services – air traffic data, airspace surveillance hardware and weather & drone warnings – pilots will benefit from maximum decision support.



Large weather variation.

Norway's diverse geographical environment results in significant weather variations across the country. Pilots have developed a strict routine of checking weather conditions before take-off. This is also a critical practice for the Norwegian Air Ambulance to ensure timely medical assistance to those in need, regardless of their location.


To facilitate this, the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation has funded the development of HemsWX, and is now in the final phase of deploying 200 weather stations across the country. HemsWX serves as a tool to access all relevant weather data for low level operations. This includes tools like «route forecast» and TAF/Autometar for Norway's largest hospitals in Oslo. This is made possible thanks to a close collaboration with the Norwegian Met office. The application provides mission critical data for helicopter crews in the air ambulance, police and rescue helicopter services, as well as general aviation. The system is continously developed to optimise mission planning and serves as a decision making support tool.


High presence of drones.

HemsWX also serves as a planning tool for private and commercial drone pilots in GA airspace, allowing them to register drone plans. In Norway, NOTAMs can extend over several weeks, such as those issued for powerline inspections. HemsWX allows pilots to input their plans for each drone take-off, specifying the inspection area and the maximum planned altitude during the entire duration of these NOTAMs. With drones being extensively used in rescues in hard-to-reach areas, the platform has recorded 26,000 flight plans in just 18 months.


Triple collaboration.

In light of the complexities posed by the geographical environment and the increasingly complex airspace harmony, the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation has initiated a triple collaboration partnership.


This partnership includes:

  • Norsk Luftambulanse – is exchanging their HemsWX drone alerts (‘drops’) with SafeSky pilots.

  • AVIONIX – who will deliver a significant number of openAir multitrack receivers over the next few months for widespread traffic coverage of the Norwegian landscape, starting south-east and around the big cities.

  • SafeSky – is exchanging their unique comprehensive traffic data feed with HemsWX, including traffic from the newly installed AVIONIX ground stations.

Through this substantial investment from the Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation and their bilateral data exchange with Avinor Flysikring AS/Ninox Drone and SafeSky, Norway is set to become the country with the most extensive air traffic data coverage in Europe, offering crucial information to helicopters, especially those involved in emergency services.


How it looks like:

1 - Antenna at one installation site receiving ADS-B / ADS-L / OGN / FLARM / MLAT for Mode-S and other standards protocols based on 868Mhz and 1090 Mhz.

2 - AVIONIX openAir multitrack receiver, seamlessly integrated with the SafeSky network.

3 - HemsWX drone alerts visible in the SafeSky app, together with other traffic such as helicopters, general aviation, ...


Comments from our partners. 

Rune STARK-OLSEN from Norsk Luftambulanse said:

“This collaboration will contribute to electronic conspicuity, more composite airspace picture and will significantly increase flight safety for our crew and patients.”


Ralf HECKHAUSEN from AVIONIX commented:

“We are happy to provide our technology in this project and we hope that other countries will follow when the success becomes visible.”


Tristan FILY, CEO SafeSky added:

“This partnership creates a safer and more connected aviation ecosystem, aligning with our federating vision at SafeSky. It's not a one-off; it's about advancing safety in Norwegian airspace and serving as an example to broader Europe and beyond for the years to come.”


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