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New consortium aims to enhance European aviation safety.

Aviant, SafeSky and AirNavigation Pro have formed an airbreaking consortium to bolster aviation safety in Europe. Starting with Norway, the goal is to avoid potential conflicts between aircraftby incentivising the usage of real-time position sharing.


Norway is leading the way in embracing the future of advanced technologies, which translates into witnessing a remarkable surge in both professional and private drone usage. However, integrating drones with helicopters and general aviation comes with visibility challenges and potential collision risks.

With SafeSky's eConspicuity platform, Aviant's home delivery drone network and AirNavigation's popular helicopter navigation app, the consortium is well suited to tackle this challenge by developing a single, integrated solution.

Aviant, a visionary company specialising in autonomous technology, will share real-time drone traffic data with SafeSky and Air Navigation Pro, making drones visible to the helicopter and general aviation community. Meanwhile, SafeSky, European leading air traffic awareness solution with a strong presence in Norway, will seamlessly integrate with Air Navigation Pro, widely recognised as the preferred navigation choice among helicopter operators in Norway.

This integration will provide unprecedented convenience for helicopter pilots, offering direct visibility into drone traffic and facilitating the sharing of vital traffic information back to Aviant.

The consortium welcomes other interested stakeholders that want to contribute to making the sky safer. To get in touch, please contact Herman Øie Kolden at or Tristan Fily at

More updates will follow in the coming weeks.


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