Comment faire fonctionner SafeSky avec




Are you a lucky SkyEcho user?
Did you know that you can mix traffic from your SkyEcho with traffic from SafeSky?

By making the application and the box interact, you benefit from the best of both worlds, that of the radio and that of the internet. Indeed, the traffic picked up by your box will be visible on your screens (SafeSky and/or navigation software) and shared with all SafeSky users. In return, you benefit from the full traffic aggregation offered by SafeSky.

Isn't this the best way to contribute to the safety of all pilots?
See in detail how to operate your configuration correctly.

A note for Android pilots

- On certain version, the phone will inform you that the wifi hotspot does not have any internet access, and will ask you if you want to route internet traffic to the GSM network. The answer is “Yes”
- On other versions, this ability to route traffic is simply not possible. Therefore, you need to configure your phone to use "Wifi Direct”: you can follow the “Stratux” tutorial for that: Wifi Direct and Android mobile data while connected to Stratux