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The brand-new Version 3 of our App is out.

With your input and ideas, we have worked hard to add an extra dimension to your flying and safety experience.

Discover the 5 PREMIUM features you will no longer be able to fly without.

1. The SmartRadar.

"Smart" because this new version offers you an advanced safety experience. Considering aircraft convergence and speed, this SmartRadar will display alerts when it matters most for you.

Moreover, we've added a new way to represent traffic, in line with what professional anti-collision systems offer today.

2. Manage nearby aircraft alerts.

Flying with fellow pilots? Muting alerts from nearby aircraft has become very simple.

In-flight, this easily accessible menu will take you to a dedicated section listing the surrounding traffic. By simply clicking on a specific aircraft - or all listed aircraft as a whole - you can deactivate the alerts.

This straightforward solution enhances the quality of flights in squadron.

Of course, you can reactivate alerts for all at any time.

3. Weather ahead!

Weather is a crucial element for the safety of your flights, and having weather "ahead" during your flights is a major advancement of SafeSky.

Based on your position and route, SafeSky informs you of the nearest METARs throughout your flight. This weather information has been simplified to quickly provide you with the essential information you need.

4. Map and AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication).

Many of you have asked for it, and we've listened.

To provide context about surrounding aircraft and their flight intentions, we have added a light AIP layer to our map view, displaying additional information such as CTR/TMA, etc.

These data naturally enhance your situational awareness with relevant aeronautical context.

5. Enhanced interface.

New colors bring a new experience! But that's not all, many menus have been revisited and simplified to improve in-flight user experience. The SafeSky App has never been easier to use!

For example, a new pull-out menu gives access to shortcuts like text size adjustments, zooming options, and icon type settings, allowing you to fully customise your radar view while airborne.

What's not changing: our free traffic!

Our traffic information is and always will be free. Whether you're on a free or PREMIUM subscription, you'll have access to the same extensive traffic information.

With data sourced from 20+ channels and our 65,000-strong community, it's the most comprehensive anti-collision solution for all pilots.



An opportunity not to miss!

You are all PREMIUM.

At the occasion of the Version 3 launch, your free plan will be upgraded to PREMIUM for 1 month for free.

What do yo need to do? Simply download the latest version on your app store, and the magic will happen automatically. Discover this new experience now!


We want to thank our fantastic community of beta testers for putting this new version to the test over the last few months.

Without your input and feedback, the result would not have been the same.


We understand that every new product requires some fine-tuning, and who better to judge than you, our pilots. So, what do you think about our new version?


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