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SafeSky wins the 2023 “Aviation et Pilote” Trophy!

Every year, the editorial team from “Aviation et Pilote”, the well-respected French aviation magazine, carefully selects products that made an impact during the year in the aeronautical area.

We are immensely proud that this year SafeSky has been distinguished.


The panel cited: "What sets SafeSky apart is the quality of its execution, providing a user-friendly experience that allows pilots to keep their eyes on the sky while receiving timely alerts about imminent dangers. We also appreciate the increasing number of application developers integrating SafeSky directly into their platforms. Plus, it's available for free!"

Aviation et Pilote” has shown unwavering support since the creation of SafeSky in 2021. They've been with us every step of the way, exploring every new release and putting it through rigorous testing. Their motivation stems from their genuine concern for the shortcomings of the "See and Avoid" rule, a deficiency they experienced first-hand and shared in one of their recent publications.

The editorial team also mentioned that: "SafeSky is ready to expand its data access on other channels as soon as Europe makes a definitive choice on how to convey this information."

It's an ambition that we are pleased to confirm and hopefully be able to share its realisation quickly with you!

Thanks to all pilots, supporters, partners, and especially to “Aviation et Pilote” for your continuous support!


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