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SafeSky now fully integrated into Air Navigation Pro.

SafeSky's traffic services embedded within Air Navigation Pro's navigation services: an unprecedented flight experience!

Pilots can now benefit from the direct integration of SafeSky's traffic into the Air Navigation Pro application. This advancement goes far beyond the current integration (GDL90) and offers exceptional advantages.

In a seamless experience, Air Navigation Pro users will gain instant access to SafeSky’s in-flight traffic information on their map and share their position with the SafeSky community, all without any extra costs or the need to juggle between the two applications. The integration of SafeSky's traffic within the navigation software has undergone meticulous redesign, providing an unmatched visual experience. Simply put, a single launch of Air Navigation Pro empowers pilots with enhanced situational awareness, not only protecting themselves but also their fellow pilots.

Tristan FILY, CEO of of SafeSky, says,

"This integration marks yet another significant milestone for SafeSky as we strive for maximal interoperability and compatibility with major industry players. It reflects the valuable feedback we have received from our dedicated pilot community who fly to make a difference, as well as the collaborative spirit of Air Navigation.

Johann Huguenin, CEO of Air Navigation, adds,

"The partnership with SafeSky will revolutionise our navigation software, delivering a distinctive user experience that seamlessly integrates navigation, weather, and traffic. We seized the opportunity to streamline and enhance our subscription model, while elevating the traffic display to provide unparalleled flying enjoyment.

This partnership will significantly enhance air safety, particularly valuable in these known collision risk situations:

  • Near aerodromes, during approach, circuit, or landing.

  • Flying below 2000 feet AGL, where general aviation traffic is dense.

  • When flying over popular tourist areas for sightseeing flights and introductory flights.

How to take advantage of this innovation?

Benefit from SafeSky's real-time traffic data directly in Air Navigation Pro with 3 simple steps:

  • Acquire one of the new Air Navigation Pro subscription plans that includes SafeSky data: Smart Lite, Smart Classic or Smart Advance.

  • Go to “Map Options” - “Traffic Information” - “Connect to SafeSky”

  • Accept the Terms of Use and enter your e-mail address

That’s it! Without having to launch SafeSky, as soon as a Take-off is detected in Air Navigation Pro, you will receive SafeSky traffic directly in Air Navigation Pro and your position will be streamed to SafeSky’s servers. Get ready for an unparalleled level of safety and convenience right at your fingertips. Together, we are making the sky the safest place on Earth!


  • I am already a SafeSky user. How can I benefit from this embedded version?

Great news! Simply download Air Navigation Pro from the Apple or Google Play Store and try out Air Navigation Pro’s traffic display, along with all its other amazing features. If you are a SafeSky Premium user, continue to use it as it offers many other benefits such as weather updates, flight logs, integration with your external device, etc.

  • I am already a AirNavPro user. Why should I change?

Do you want to benefit from SafeSky’s traffic in Air Navigation Pro? Upgrade now to one of the new subscription plans by going to "Config" - "Store" - "Subscription Plans". Switch to the new subscription plan and unlock even more value for your money!

  • Can I benefit from a trial period?

New Air Navigation Pro subscribers can benefit from up to 28 days free trial. During this trial you can make full use of the SafeSky integration.

  • Is still possible to have the apps separately?

You want to have the best of both worlds? You can still run both applications in split screen and benefit from SafeSky’s excellent traffic visualisation and Air Navigation Pro’s feature-rich application during your flights. Especially if you are a SafeSky Premium user, you will benefit from many other features.

Don't forget to configure traffic sharing correctly if you want to continue to use both applications simultaneously but separately, to benefit from SafeSky's radar view, for example. Choose Air Navigation Pro (native) and do a classic 'take off' to start monitoring the traffic of other aircraft on SafeSky.

This will prevent you from seeing the duplicate echo of your position while in flight.


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