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SafeSky now also natively integrated into XCTrack!



Long-awaited news!

As of now, with no extra effort or cost — the entire SafeSky community can see XCTrack pilots. And soon XCTrack pilots will also be able to receive alerts about nearby traffic.
This integration adds to our long list of unique air traffic information that no other systems can provide.


Safety matters.

XCTrack, developed by the XContest team, is well-known for its use in competitions, and stands as the most popular flight computer App for paraglider and paramotor pilots on Android, with well over 100,000 downloads.


Recent events in Europe have highlighted a concerning rise in airmisses between paragliders and General Aviation, especially during critical phases of takeoff and landing. In addition, crowded paragliding spots are unfortunately turning into potential hotspots for incidents.


➡️ A recent example in South-Africa showed how life-saving fire-fighting helicopter operations had to be suspended due to crowded skies involving paragliding activity.


Bilateral Partnership.

In this partnership, traffic exchange between SafeSky and XCTrack goes both ways, fostering greater flight planning and a more connected sky for everyone.


Jakub HAVEL from XContest team: “For paragliders and hang gliders, freedom in the air is one of the most important things. To maintain this freedom, safe coexistence with everyone else in the air is necessary today. In our opinion, SafeSky is a great solution to prevent potentially dangerous situations and make that freedom of movement in the air as safe as possible for everyone.”

SafeSky CEO, Tristan FILY: "Creating harmony in the congested sky is our daily mission at SafeSky. Today's integration with XCTrack perfectly demonstrates that ambition: effortless communication between our systems and pilots. It's like exchanging a simple digital 'Hi' in the sky!"


🤔 What will be our next integration... ? Stay tuned.


Download now:

·       XCTrack

·       SafeSky


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