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SafeSky is ready for SAFIR-Ready Project.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

The official kick-off of the SAFIR-Ready Project is now a reality. This ground-breaking initiative will revolutionise healthcare and emergency response services in Europe and beyond.

This project is part of the SESAR 3 Joint Undertaking program and is funded by the European Commission under Horizon Europe, a 7-year scientific research initiative of the European Union. Its ambition is to significantly transform emergency scenarios, ranging from rapid medical care delivery to critical infrastructure inspections. This entails reducing response times, costs, and carbon emissions to maximise efficiency and ultimately save lives.

Kick-off meeting June 20, 2023

Hosted by our coordinator, Helicus, the meeting brought together the 34 partners to reaffirm our objectives, timelines, and deliverables, as well as to discuss the future steps of this transformative endeavour. It provided an opportunity for all consortium members to introduce themselves, fostering a deeper understanding of the unique value each participant brings to the project. Progress updates will be conducted monthly to track the project’s development.

SafeSky’s contribution to SAFIR-Ready Our role in the SAFIR-Ready project is paramount. We will create a comprehensive platform that aggregates real-time traffic information from both manned and unmanned aircraft. By bridging the worlds of general aviation and drones, we aim to enhance air traffic visibility, air mobility, and ultimately air security for all airspace users. Our platform will feed a ‘Command and Control’ centre for drone operations. With the information provided by SafeSky, this center will be able to utilise tactical trajectory deviation and adaptive path algorithms to effectively manage and mitigate risks within the airspace. Additionally, through the SafeSky mobile app, pilots of manned aircraft will have real-time access to the positions of nearby drones, enabling them to make informed decisions and execute secure maneuvers in the presence of drone traffic.

Stay tuned for updates as we work together towards a resilient healthcare sector, faster crisis response, and a greener future.



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