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SafeSky is now a partner in the world of competition flying.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Air Sports Live Tracking, the leading European online platform for tracking competition flying. This partnership came to life over the last couple of days with the launch of the Spanish national championship.

Context: The new era of competition flying.

Recently, a new format of aerial competition has emerged, tailored to the needs of pilots and clubs. These innovative competitions offer optimal organisation, flexible participation options, and cater to different types of aircraft and pilot levels. The results of these competitions are recognised by the FAI. Thanks to the ingenious "competition app" developed by the Norwegian volunteer organisation Air Sports Live Tracking, the practical organisation of these contemporary competitions has become a reality.

Our partnership with Air Sports Live Tracking.

Through this collaboration, air traffic data are integrated into SafeSky's traffic sourcing, providing pilots with an additional source of real-time traffic information. It reflects the strong synergy between our respective fields of expertise in flight tracking and aviation safety.

Spain kicks off the competition in a joint effort with Air Sports Live Tracking and SafeSky.

The Spanish ULM federation, Real Federación Aeronáutica Española, has embraced this new format during their national championship. All participating pilots are using the app, and all non-participating stakeholders, including family, nearby pilots, AFIS and control towers, media and event organisers, will have the opportunity to track the competition participants in real-time, either through our app, or via our live tracking services on

This tripartite alliance allows everyone to participate in the excitement of these thrilling moments while ensuring optimal safety.

Follow the event live on or on SafeSky live tracking.

SafeSky: Your source for comprehensive real-time traffic information.

As a reminder, SafeSky currently offers pilots the most comprehensive real-time traffic information available. Our data is crowdsourced from our passionate community of 45,000 pilots and augmented with data from unparalleled sources. This extensive traffic information is accessible to both our free and Premium plan users.


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