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SafeSky and theFlightVario team up to integrate in-flight traffic information.

We are happy to announce another bilateral in-flight traffic information exchange agreement, this time with theFlightVario, a popular vario application for paragliders.

The partnership embeds SafeSky's traffic data into theFlightVario app, while theFlightVario's position data become available to general aviation and ultralight pilots using SafeSky.

"SafeSky's collaborative approach is driven by the belief that innovation and air safety are best achieved through partnerships and interoperability," said Tristan FILY, CEO of SafeSky. "Our ability to seamlessly communicate and exchange data with other systems or devices is unique. It not only provides pilots with unparalleled traffic view, but also contributes to greater eConspicuity. The integration with theFlightVario is a testament to this approach.”

“Situation awareness is a key to safer skies and theFlightVario is happy to pass this awareness on to paragliding pilots worldwide. Providing the first vario app built around the inertial measurement unit, theFlightVario continues its strive for innovation in paragliding by integrating SafeSky services into our vario apps. We would like to express our gratitude for this long due innovation and collaborative approach in our shared medium sport," said Thomas ROTH - founder of theFlightVario.

This partnership marks already SafeSky's sixth direct integration of traffic data into aviation apps, following successful integrations with Skytraxx, Aviant, EasyVFR 4, Gaggle and eVario. As such, SafeSky also addresses the latest recommendations from EASA and the BEA (Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses pour la sécurité de l'aviation civile)* to promote inbound & outbound interoperability of electronic visibility systems.

SafeSky will continue to seek out collaboration opportunities with key industry players to increasingly unlock integration and innovation opportunities.

Be part of this new development by downloading now!

The bilateral integration of theFlightVario and SafeSky is now available in both apps.

Please make sure that you have the latest version of both apps installed.

For more information, you can contact : · SafeSky ( · theFlightVario ( or here

*Also read the Results of the BEA investigation into the Loches air accident and the resulting recommendations.


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