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SafeSky and Gaggle partner to exchange real-time in-flight traffic information.

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Today the invisible for General Aviation has become visible.

SafeSky is excited to announce its partnership with Gaggle, the leading flight recording app for paramotor and paragliding pilots around the world.

Through a two-way real-time exchange of in-flight traffic information, all Gaggle pilots will now appear in the SafeSky traffic while Gaggle users can now see nearby traffic on their own screens without having to install our SafeSky app.

This partnership contributes to our ambition toof improving safety for pilots across the board, from those flying paramotors to those piloting airplanes.

This brings the number of traffic sources aggregated by SafeSky to 17!

Step by step, with our pilots, we are creating a SafeSky collaborative community to build a safe sky.

How it all started.

As a user-centred company, SafeSky is committed to prioritising the safety of pilots of all aircraft classes and concluding complementary partnerships.

This partnership was initiated a few months ago when a fervent SafeSky pilot user approached us with the idea to integrate Gaggle traffic, much like we do with other navigation apps and peripherals. Valuing our pilot users' feedback and ideas as sources of innovation, we reached out to Gaggle, and it quickly became apparent that our shared goal of striving for safer skies made us natural partners.

What it offers to our SafeSky community.

Through this partnership, all Gaggle pilots will now show up in the SafeSky traffic, giving airplane pilots greater awareness of paragliding and paramotor pilots in their vicinity and enabling them to be better prepared and avoid unexpected surprises in the air. This topic is close to our hearts, and we recently paid tribute to the passionate community of paragliding pilots.

In addition, all traffic displayed by SafeSky will be visible in the Gaggle navigation app with its proper iconography. Gaggle pilots all around the world will be able to see SafeSky traffic around them in real-time and receive alerts when approaching it.

Tristan Fily, CEO of SafeSky said: "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Gaggle, the popular flight recording app for paragliding and paramotor pilots. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to listening to our users, as it is the culmination of an idea proposed by one of our pilot users, and working together with the general aviation industry to create solutions that address the needs of all GA pilots. By reciprocally integrating Gaggle with SafeSky, we are empowering all pilots to navigate the skies with greater confidence and security."

« Making the skies safer is a core principle of both Gaggle and SafeSky, and we are excited about our partnership and to offer this advanced safety feature included by default to all our pilots" said Hennie Brink, Founder of Gaggle. "With this new integration, we are providing pilots from all forms of aviation with greater situational awareness and the tools they need to make safe decisions in the air. »

🙏🏻 We once again would like to express our gratitude to our forward-thinking pilot-user for his contribution of the idea.

The new version of Gaggle with SafeSky traffic is available now on Android or iPhone.


🇿🇦 Did you know? With this Gaggle integration, SafeSky is now also available in South-Africa!


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