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Our Gaggle-SafeSky tandem wins the 2024 CAASA Safety Award!

SafeSky and Gaggle have been awarded the '2024 Safety Award' from the Commercial Aviation Association of Southern Africa (CAASA) in recognition of our « significant contribution to aviation safety ».

This is SafeSky's fourth award since its launch in 2021 and its first outside of Europe. It's also the first time one of our partnerships has been recognised, which fills us with immense pride as we focus on creating a collaborative network of industry stakeholders.

The Gaggle-SafeSky partnership.

Exactly one year ago, SafeSky and Gaggle teamed up to facilitate a two-way real-time exchange of in-flight traffic information. This partnership is part of our ongoing mission to enhance safety for pilots across various disciplines, from paramotor and paraglider pilots to those flying airplanes. It was a dedicated SafeSky pilot who suggested integrating Gaggle traffic.

Tristan FILY, CEO of SafeSky, said, “It's truly heartwarming to see our collaborative air safety efforts being recognised by esteemed associations. Our partnership with Gaggle, the leading flight recording app for paramotor and paragliding pilots worldwide, is just one example of how we at SafeSky aim to take on a federating role to collectively address the latest air safety challenges.”

Hennie BRINK, Founder of Gaggle, shared his excitement for the award: "When the opportunity to join forces with SafeSky presented itself, we didn't hesitate. Their unwavering commitment to elevating aviation safety resonated deeply with our values and mission at Gaggle. SafeSky is emerging as a pioneer in the field, and their innovative approach to integrating with applications like ours is revolutionising the way we fly.

The capability for Gaggle users to detect nearby aircraft has become a cornerstone feature, significantly enhancing paraglider pilot safety by alerting them to potential hazards, such as helicopter rotor wash and other risky conditions. This accolade serves as a testament to our shared dedication to safeguarding pilots from all forms of aviation."

We can not end this announcement without thanking everybody contributing to this amazing award: the CAASA for their recognition, the fantastic Gaggle team for their partnership, and last but not least our loyal pilots who believe in creating a safer sky, together.


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