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Integration of Cavok UAS drones into SafeSky traffic.

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

As part of a partnership between SafeSky and Cavok UAS, an important step forward has been made to secure drone traffic in their operating altitudes with other types of aircraft potentially conflicting.

Cavok UAS is a manufacturer of professional drones used for cargo delivery, surveillance, agriculture and industry.

In the SafeSky HMI (human-machine interface), the real-time trajectory of the Cavok UAS drone will be visible to connected users through our app (paramotor, glider, hot air balloon, microlight, airplane, etc.).

The Cavok UAS drone mission software will display the traffic present in the drone's designated area, providing flight operators with the necessary information to anticipate potential evasive manoeuvres. This capability significantly enhances safety, particularly in delivery missions, in addition to ADS-B.

Tristan FILY, CEO of SafeSky, comments: "For the first time, our collaborative approach extends to a drone manufacturer, addressing airspace safety challenges right from the start. This marks a substantial step forward in our pioneering role to enhance interoperability between drones and manned aircraft."


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