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Howzit South Africa !

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

March, 3-5, 2023, Airweek, Middelburg FAMB, South Africa.

Once again, Middelburg Aeroclub was the place to be for a vibrant community of enthusiastic aviators. Over 100 aircraft of all types participated in this event, including balloons, gliders, model planes, and gyrocopters.

Gaggle and SafeSky cooperation.

The event was also an ideal occasion to present the latest developments of the Gaggle app and its brand new collaboration with SafeSky. Hennie Brink (Founder & CEO of Gaggle) gave a presentation entitled "ADS-B on your phone!", showcasing an affordable solution for all pilots to BE SEEN and to SEE other aircraft in the air.

This marks the start of a campaign to encourage pilots to use Gaggle and/or SafeSky to become visible in South Africa. SafeSky, previously only available in Europe, was launched in South Africa at the end of February 2023 to support the collaboration between Gaggle and SafeSky. Through this collaboration, all pilots using either app, or both, will be visible to other pilots and able to see other traffic.

This community has been created through a network of over 60 pilots, flying all types of aircraft, who are willing to work together to enhance safety in South African airspace. The campaign to promote the use of Gaggle and SafeSky will also examine the installation of ground stations to collect all available air traffic data.

In the coming weeks, we hope to see more air traffic in the South African airspace thanks to this collaboration.

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Passionate pilot testimonial: Glenn Pretorius.

"With SafeSky, my situational awareness is drastically improved."

One of the passionate pilots and SafeSky beta testers in South-Africa is Glenn Pretorius. He has the opportunity to test SafeSky in the most challenging - but also beautiful - places. Like he did a couple of weeks ago. Read his story below.

Glenn PRETORIUS, passionate pilote and SafeSky beta tester

As I climbed into my Sling 2 aircraft for a quick 30-minute flight, I knew that the Cape Town TMA area was going to be busy. With many training flights scheduled for the day, it was important that I had all the necessary tools to ensure a safe and successful journey.

Equipped with my trusty Nav equipment including the Garmin G3X touch, ADSB out, and Mode S transponder, I had my Samsung smartphone mounted neatly on the left side of the instrument panel, running both SafeSky and SkyDemon.

Taking off from FASH, I routed via FAWN to Morningstar, all while maintaining my altitude between 1500-2000 ft AMSL. The flight was going smoothly and with the help of SafeSky's real-time exchange of in-flight traffic information, I was fully aware of any nearby traffic. The AUDIO feedback in my Bluetooth headset of proximate traffic was clear and accurate, and on the smartphone display, I used both the SkyDemon navigation mode and the SafeSky app - both of which worked flawlessly.

As I landed at Morningstar, I knew that my flight back would be just as busy, but with SafeSky, my situational awareness was drastically improved. The combination of SafeSky and SkyDemon worked perfectly, and it was a matter of personal preference which display I used and when.

All three airfields were bustling with activity, but with SafeSky's advanced technology, I felt confident and in control. As I touched down at FASH a few hours later, I couldn't help but think that integration with other avionics products such as SkyDemon, Foreflight, or even Garmin avionics like the G3X touch would be amazing.

"SafeSky is truly a great product that enhances flight safety, and I am grateful for the peace of mind it provides me in the skies."


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