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French Atlantic Coast air traffic coverage: check!

Recently, we announced the establishment of a vast network of ground stations across Europe to improve airspace coverage and therefore air safety.


France is one of the countries actively participating in this initiative.


Today, let's take a closer look at the ground station installation at the Atlantic Air Park (LF8523).


This installation is in fact the story of a SafeSky ambassador: Benoît MATHIEU, a 3-axis ULM pilot, who has been following and using SafeSky since its very beginning. He is part of our beta tester group.

Benoît MATHIEU: "I've found the perfect air safety set-up for my flights: my eyes, the FIS, my TCAS, and ... SafeSky."

As co-owner of Village LF8523, he takes aviation safety very seriously. The Village is located near the Atlantic Coast, a popular destination of many pilots to admire the splendid landscapes or visit the numerous aviation fields. However, this popularity results in dense air traffic, prompting Benoît to raise awareness among other co-owners.


No sooner said than done, earlier this year, the General Assembly of the Air Park voted to finance the installation of an Avionix openAir multitrack ground station to capture maximum traffic data.


The result?

Benoît MATHIEU : "The result is excellent: the antenna successfully captures the majority of air traffic, also aided by the region's flat topography. This traffic data is then routed to SafeSky, who makes it available to all pilots at no cost."

But that's not all.

The initiative doesn't end there, and once again, partnership proves to be a key factor in success.

It is now well known that for the multilateralisation of air traffic - enabling the viewing of Mode-S traffic - at least 4 antennas are necessary.

So, Benoît reached out to the neighboring clubs. Their interest in also investing in aviation safety by installing a ground station has already been confirmed. For some, the vote for approval is already scheduled.

>>> Follow the installation at LF8523 and the progress of future installations here.



This is again an example of how the combination of three success factors allows air clubs and villages to ensure the safety of their member and visitor pilots:

  • Awareness

  • Collaboration

  • and the Best Technology.

Thank you Benoît for leading this unifying initiative and promoting these values!


How about you?

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Contact Avionix.

As a reminder, SafeSky traffic, among other sources fueled by the Avionix receiver, is entirely free. In addition to this, you can add unique interoperability features.

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