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BPMF/FBPM and SafeSky join forces for safer air traffic

In order to promote aviation safety among its members, the Belgian Paramotor Federation (BPMF/FBPM) has decided to join forces with SafeSky. To do so, the BPMF/FBPM will include the Premium edition* of the SafeSky application in their 2023 membership services and benefits.

The community of paramotor members can rely on training and informational sessions organised by BPMF/FBPM in collaboration with SafeSky, to emphasise the role and responsibility of all in enhancing air safety and to guarantee the proper and consistent usage of SafeSky.

Why? The challenges.

There is a lot to do around flight safety. Especially for general aviation (GA), where aircraft are not necessarily equipped with high-tech detection gear (in/out) due to the high cost. Considerable initiatives are being made by the public, private, and associative sectors to make the skies safer for these aircraft. Unfortunately, we are reminded several times a year that things could and should be better. Recent mid-air collisions in Europe are evidence of this. Belgium is sadly not exempt from these tragic events.

Paramotors are among the most vulnerable general aviation users. They have little physical protection, and their aircraft are usually not visible to other air users. Because of this, the Belgian Paramotor Federation (BPFM/FBPM) prioritises safety through training and info sessions.

Additionally, each discipline in general aviation (ultralights, helicopters, paragliders, …) has its own “flying language” (ADS-B, FLARM, Fanet, etc.) which is rarely mutually shared or technologically understood by the other systems.

The opportunities.

But there is help from the private sector. Recently, the SafeSky app came into the market as a straightforward and affordable solution to address these visibility and communication gaps.

All pilots at low- and medium-altitude airspace can communicate their location by simply using their mobile device. What is more, the app is free of charge to ensure a “zero cost = zero barrier” solution. In addition to registering and anonymously transmitting the whereabouts of SafeSky users, the app also incorporates air traffic from over 15 other protocols as such significantly fixing the communication issues between the different general aviation categories. The SafeSky app was rewarded internationally with GA excellence awards and enjoys the support of both national and European authorities.

In the past, SafeSky has formed numerous partnerships true to its conviction that, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." (Hellen Keller). This collaboration with the BPMF/FBPM is however the first one with a national Belgian GA Federation.

Patrick Aussems, President BPMF, said: "The key elements to avoid mid-air collisions are to see and be seen. Paramotors are small aircraft that are slow and not easy to spot, that's why the use of SafeSky is a huge step forward to increased security by making other pilots aware of the presence of such an aircraft in their vicinity. The Premium version which adds the possibility to run SafeSky in the background and get the surrounding traffic displayed in compatible navigation programs is a huge bonus for paramotor pilots because we often fly with a single device. With this partnership, we hope to increase the use of SafeSky in the paramotor community and make the skies a safer place for every pilot."

Paul Windey, Co-Founder SafeSky said: “Each aviation discipline has its own particularities. Paramotors fly freely, head into the wind, and it's an incredible pleasure and sensation. With SafeSky as a companion, freedom and safety go hand in hand, allowing other faster aircraft (planes, ulms, ...) to see this slow traffic and avoid it. The sky belongs to all of us and we share it, let's do it in a mature way by thinking of the other pilots as well, because a collision is always a two-way process. This partnership is a major contribution to safety for all.”

We strongly hope that this collaboration will serve as inspiration and invitation to other GA Federations. Only together we can make the pleasure of flying prevail over its dangers.

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Public Relations

+32 497 41 10 65

* The PREMIUM plan offers a number of additional comfort and compatibility features on top of the free plan which mainly focuses on safety.


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