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Another day, another integration!

Updated: Mar 8

Today, we are pleased to share our latest free-flight traffic integration. This time we are teaming up with Flymaster Avionix. Flymaster pilots' positions are now visible to the SafeSky community. And very soon, SafeSky traffic will also be integrated in all 4G compatible Flymaster solutions so that their pilots can benefit from situation awareness alerts.

Why Flymaster?

Flymaster needs no introduction; it stands as the ultimate electronic navigation instrument for paragliding and paramotors. With over 1000 daily users during the peak season, it confirms its position as a major player in the market.


And why integrate?

The same rationale as always – making air traffic visible to all, and at no cost. This marks SafeSky's 10th free flight collaborative traffic integration, bringing the total number of compatible navigation software and hardware close to 20. Our commitment to interoperability and affordability remains resolute.


High number of Flymaster pilots visible on SafeSky. (blue traffic is SafeSky traffic)

Tristan FILY, CEO of SafeSky, stated:

"Being vulnerable and unnoticed is often a free flight pilot's destiny. Until SafeSky came along. Through bilateral in-flight traffic information exchange partnerships, we aim for zero surprises in the sky. This is air traffic visibility that no other systems but SafeSky provides. I want to thank the enthusiastic team at Flymaster for our shared vision and passion."


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