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Version 2.07 is out!

The SafeSky development team has not been idle since the recent Mondial de l'ULM.

Like previous year, we carefully considered your feedback and gleaned knowledge from it. You will undoubtedly like the new version that has been produced as a result, which includes some fixes, improvements, and new features.

In addition to being SafeSky users, we also consider you as partners in the creation and growth of SafeSky so that together we continuously increase everyone's safety. Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback and program enhancement ideas (forum or A big thanks in advance.

Version 2.07 - new or improved features

  • FREE & PREMIUM version

    • Option to activate/deactivate display of your flying fellow pilots avatars on the map

    • Automatic proposal of your hexadecimal transponder code when encoding call sign

    • New, streamlined "Settings" page

  • PREMIUM version

    • SkyTraxx users can see the entire SafeSky traffic

    • Optimised wind display (zoom/size)

    • Improved weather information display


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