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See & Be Seen: "General Aviation is not the problem; on the contrary it can be part of the solution"

The Dutch General Aviation (GA) community held its annual "Season Opener" event in March, bringing together major GA players including AOPA, KNVvL & NACA, in collaboration with EASA, LVNL, and ANSP.

The event took place at the National Military Museum in Soest and focused on safety issues, eConspicuity and U-space, featuring a special guest from EASA, Vladimir FOLTIN.

EASA presentation – Vladimir FOLTIN, EASA Officer.

During the event, Vladimir Foltin presented the New GA Roadmap 2023+, which provided insights into current and future ideas and regulations on "eConspicuity" in U-Space and beyond.

"eConspicuity" refers to the electronic means of being visible to airspace users via radio or mobile technology and has been introduced in the SERA 6005 Rules for all pilots in Europe.

Vladimir Foltin also discussed the latest developments on the ADS-L concept and the use of mobile technology in the air (see below).

Vladimir Foltin (EASA) expressed his delight that electronic visibility is gaining momentum, and that we will soon be able to use existing systems.

SafeSky's role

To achieve these goals, SafeSky collaborates with EASA and plays a crucial role by ensuring the most comprehensive air traffic visibility using mobile technology.

What's more, according to a recent EASA survey, the main barriers to the adoption of situational awareness/collision avoidance systems by general aviation pilots are:



#1 : High cost of devices

Free (Premium plan at only 34,99€/year)

#​2 : Incompatibility with other systems

Offers seamless interoperability

In conclusion, SafeSky addresses the main concerns regarding eConspicuity for both pilots and EASA by offering the most affordable, complete, and interoperable solution.

If you would like to read more about the GA Day event, you can find :

· The presentation of EASA Officer Vladimir FOLTIN.

EASA presentation(LIGHT) - NL GA Day 11-Mar Final
Download PDF • 2.87MB


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