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Safety at the centre of the General Aviation Day 2022.

Updated: Mar 8

Egelsbach Airport (EDFE), Germany, 18th of October 2022.

On October 18, 2022, more than 25 representatives from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) travelled to Egelsbach to spend the day on learning more about General Aviation (GA) in Europe. Organised by the world’s leading manufacturer association GAMA and the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Associations IAOPA, this unique event was an opportunity to exchange on the general aviation challenges, such as flight standards, GA community and Safety promotion.

The SafeSky team was present to explain the limitations of VFR flying in 2022, and the need for all pilots – including paramotors, paragliders, trikes, ultra-lights and GA – to become visible to one another. This is particularly true at low airspace (below 5,000 feet AGL), where we share the same sky after all.

Three key topics have been discussed with EASA on Safety:

  • acknowledge that today there is no single technical solution that can depict a correct picture to pilots of what is flying in the sky. Therefore, inter-operability of systems is essential and must be promoted to pilots;

  • too little aircraft are today eConspicuous, and near air-misses are an everyday reality in Europe for GA pilots;

  • Search and Rescue: in Europe, it takes on average 4 hours to find a missing plane. Why not bring all stakeholders around the table (SAR, EASA, military) and develop a secure portal that provides SafeSky passive tracking information as such saving precious location and survival time?

The SafeSky team demonstrated the possibilities of our app, explaining that it can be used with just a mobile phone with little limitations. Thanks to inter-operability and combined with an external radio receiver, pilots are lifting these limitations and can have a much completer picture of other pilots flying in the vicinity.

We anticipate that EASA will continue working with SafeSky to increase safety through joint initiatives and campaigns, enabling all of us to realise our dream of making space the safest place on Earth 🌎.

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