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SafeSky tales from the sky: 'see the invisible' in the Massif Central.

Testimonial from a French pilot - January 2024.

"During a recent flight through the Massif Central, I encountered a compelling example that highlighted the effectiveness of SafeSky.

Opting for the Massif Central due to its lower traffic, I noticed reported traffic on my trajectory, seemingly stationary. Despite visual checks, I couldn't spot it until an evasive maneuver revealed a spiraling paramotor, explaining the icon's behavior on the screen. This real-life scenario demonstrated SafeSky's ability to 'see the invisible' and proactively avoid potential hazards.

Another incident involved spotting unreported traffic approaching my trajectory, 500 ft above, possibly explaining ATC's instruction to stay below a certain altitude.

These experiences strengthen my confidence in SafeSky and its role in enhancing air safety."


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