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SafeSky supports Turkish Search & Rescue Teams in time of need.

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We generally associate flying with pleasure and joy, but we all know that aviation also plays a vital role in emergency situations.

Today, our mission to make the sky the safest place on Earth, takes on an even greater significance: help saving lives.

We were approached by the Turkish Airforce Search & Rescue teams to assist with their air operations following the recent massive earthquakes in their country. These SAR pilots are specially trained officers who play a crucial role in coordinating operations and providing critical medical assistance and transport to disaster areas or difficult to be reached.

SafeSky help.

In response, we have provided the SAR helicopter and airplane teams with full access to our Premium situational awareness app. Our app significantly enhances their flight safety and coordination in a high-risk and busy mid-air airspace, allowing the SAR teams to focus their efforts on their crucial emergency relief roles. The aerial fleet counts several dozens of aircraft which do not all have eConspicious equipments, creating obviously a high risk with no traffic situation awareness.

It is a true honor for us to support the Turkish SAR teams in their lifesaving mission and we stand in solidarity with all citizens affected by this tragedy. Our thoughts and hearts are with them during these devastating times, and we are in awe of the bravery and dedication displayed by the SAR pilots.

Following this partnership, SafeSky is now available for all pilotes in Turkey.

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