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SafeSky now compatible with GARMIN Pilot!

You've been waiting for it for a long time: Garmin has finally released a stable GDL90 version of its excellent navigation application for pilots, GARMIN Pilot.

How do you get started? Nothing could be simpler, just follow the procedure below.

In the SafeSky application:

  1. Update by downloading the latest version of SafeSky from the Apple store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android).

  2. Make sure you have a SafeSky PREMIUM subscription.

  3. Go to > Settings > Traffic Sharing and activate traffic sharing.

  4. Choose your navigation software, GARMIN Pilot in this case.

  5. Don't forget to press the Take Off button.

In the GARMIN Pilot application:

  1. Make sure you activate the traffic layer in GARMIN Pilot's settings, as shown below.

  2. You now see the traffic on the map.


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