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SafeSky, Naviation and ACR partner to enhance Drone and General Aviation aerial harmony in Sweden.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

We are pleased to announce another partnership aimed at harmonising the aerial interaction between drone operators and general aviation pilots. This time we have entered into a partnership with Naviation AB, a Swedish company providing software and services to the Swedish ANSP ACR (Aviation Capacity Resources AB) including the pre-UTM service Dronerequest.

Through this collaboration, drone operators will have real-time visibility of surrounding air traffic, while SafeSky pilots will be informed of drone flight plans, including mission start and end times. The SafeSky App will display a radius indicating the expected position of the drone, enabling pilots to navigate their flights safely and accordingly.

BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations are also presented, including the realtime position of the drone. The majority of the drone missions focus on professional activities such as police surveillance, powerline inspections, forest survey, structure inspection and delivery services.

The partnership will initially launch at five airports (Gothenburg-Säve, Trollhättan, Kalmar, Stockholm-Västerås and Skellefteå), with a rapid expansion plan to encompass 17 airports and several heliports and drone danger areas across Sweden before year’s end.

SafeSky considers this partnership as a strategic milestone in its ongoing mission to make the invisible visible, especially at low altitudes, where collision risks are known to be higher. Through this partnership, SafeSky plays a crucial role in enabling and enhancing the safety of economically- and citizen-crucial operations.
Together, SafeSky, ACR and Naviation are taking a significant step forward in advancing drone activity visibility and fostering a culture of safety, accountability and collaboration in our skies.


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