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SafeSky and Syride collaborate for safer skies.

In our ongoing efforts to improve traffic awareness, we are happy to announce our collaboration with Syride, an innovative company that creates compact and lightweight electronic devices for paragliders and paramotors. This collaboration enables SafeSky pilots to view and be warned in real-time of pilots’ positions from Syride devices, which improves significantly safety for everyone.


The challenge.

Due to the vulnerability of paragliders and paramotor pilots, who often go unnoticed by general aviation, in recent years, SafeSky has been actively teaming up with paramotor and paragliding tech developers and companies to ensure that the traffic of these aerial enthusiasts becomes visible to all pilots.


The partnership.

Today, SafeSky expands its list of compatibility partners with Syride, which has agreed to exchange its traffic data for inclusion in SafeSky's comprehensive traffic information. This adds another layer of traffic to our service, available at no cost to all pilots, contributing to a safer and more interconnected sky for everyone. Syride has a community of 24,000 registered pilots, with an impressive daily average of 1,000 published flights on


Tristan FILY, CEO SafeSky: “At SafeSky, creating harmony among all sky users is our daily mission. This partnership with Syride exemplifies our continuous efforts to integrate and exchange traffic information without leaving anyone behind.”


Anthony CRETEUR, CEO Syride: "At Syride, we're dedicated to enhancing aerial sports safety and innovation. Our partnership with SafeSky is a pivotal step towards better visibility and safety for paraglider and paramotor pilots. By integrating our traffic data with SafeSky's system, we're significantly contributing to a safer sky. Our lightweight, efficient technology complements SafeSky's solutions, paving the way for a more secure and interconnected aerial experience."


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