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SafeSky and Piloti di Classe join forces to elevate aviation safety in Italy.

We are thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Piloti di Classe, an esteemed flying association boasting over 800 members from across Italy. This collaboration aims to promote the use of the SafeSky app within the Piloti di Classe community, bolstering overall air safety in the Italian general aviation sector.

Piloti di Classe holds the safety of its members in the highest regard and actively pursues initiatives that contribute to it. Having already secured exclusive agreements with airports, companies, and insurance providers in this regard, this partnership with SafeSky marks another significant milestone in their commitment to creating a safer aviation ecosystem.

As part of this collaboration, Piloti di Classe will formally advocate for the adoption of our SafeSky app during their upcoming association meetings. The inaugural event, scheduled on May 14, featured a SafeSky presentation by Marko Bordogna, distinguished member of the Piloti di Classe Board. This introduction of SafeSky's innovative solution marks the first step towards achieving enhanced aviation safety together.

Through this collaboration, participants of Piloti di Classe events and flight instructors will gain access to the Premium SafeSky app. It will empower pilots with the most advanced situational awareness and interoperability features.

Italy's diverse aviation landscape demands tailored safety solutions. We are honored to embark on this journeywith Piloti di Classe and jointly address these challenges head-on. We extend our deepest appreciation to Marko Bordogna for his instrumental role in orchestrating this partnership.

As a reminder, the SafeSky app offers pilots the most comprehensive in-flight traffic information they can get – Download now


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