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S.A.R. (Search & Rescue) - Now active in 29 countries in Europe!

Making the sky the safest place on earth, that’s our motto.

We are very proud to announce that now we can also count on the full support of 29 European in-country Search &Rescue services. This means that today, in the event you would be in distress, these services will be informed via the SafeSky app and your contacts.

How ?

By simply hitting the SAR button. By doing so, an automatic communication procedure will be started immediately with the appropriate authorities.We all know time is precious in these situations. As well as knowing your exact location. SafeSky can do both! The only thing you need to do is register your person(s) of contact who will receive all necessary instructions and information when you hit that button.

Act NOW!

Your life might depend on it. And your family and friends will appreciate.


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