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Plan, See and Avoid: the new mantra for paragliders thanks to SafeSky and Wingit.

SafeSky is thrilled to collaborate with Wingit, the new ‘Swiss Army knife’ that allows paragliders to meticulously plan their next paragliding or hang gliding adventure. It offers flying sites, live conditions, forecasts, glide range calculator, airspaces, and more in one single place.

Through our collaboration, Wingit paragliders will have access to a new layer of information being SafeSky’s information on traffic density, giving instant insights into where fellow pilots are flying as well as letting pilots follow them.

Wingit's development is still early and there is much more to come.

For more information or feedback:

· Wingit :

· SafeSky :


❓Did you know ❓ Wingit's integration with SafeSky comes just in time for this year's RedBull X-Alps event, often referred to as the world's toughest adventure race. This will allow athletes, support crews, and audiences alike to see the gaggle in real time, what the weather conditions are, and if they'll be able to make it across the next critical ridge connecting them to a major paragliding skyway. In these challenging competitive conditions, air safety is crucial, and SafeSky's proven superiority in traffic awareness, especially in mountainous areas, will provide a sigh of relief.


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