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New Release 2.0

One year after SafeSky’s launch, the team has released version 2.0, which is even more inventive.

This version enhances compatibility with the most popular navigation software and effortlessly connects with the most popular devices on the market, such as Stratux, SkyEcho, and PowerFlarm...

Imagine being able to add the data gathered by your box to all of the traffic already aggregated by SafeSky on your smartphone or tablet. In your cockpit, you'll have the best of both worlds and a quantum leap in aviation safety!

Amongst the main new features, there will be:

  • A resource center for advice

  • A terrain approach mode to avoid confrontations in aerodrome circuits

  • METARs and airfield information

  • An integrated weather interface that may be accessed while flying

  • Connection with your navigation software

  • Integration with your ADS-B, FLARM, and other devices

  • And many more new features in this brand new version 2.0 that we welcome you to explore.


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