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Le Tour des Bretons 2023: France in all its splendour.

The Tour des Bretons 2023, titled "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis... au clair de lune..." has come to an end!

It brought together 26 diverse aircraft, ranging from microlights to Pioneer 300-type fixed-wing planes, piloted by passionate aviators aged 35 to 77. Our journey took us from Alençon, where participants gathered, to Fontenay-le-Comte, with stops in Berck, Maubeuge, and Chartres along the way.

The event unfolded flawlessly, thanks to reinforced safety measures and the extensive use of the SafeSky anti-collision application by many participating pilots. During the transit flights between different airfields, we witnessed a procession of little blue planes on the SafeSky map. It was a visual representation of the fleet moving together, ensuring enhanced safety throughout the journey.

At Berck, we had the great pleasure of meeting Paul Windey, and at Maubeuge, we were warmly welcomed by Tristan Fily—both esteemed members of the SafeSky team. The Tour des Bretons pilots had the opportunity to engage in conversations with them, asking questions about the app's usage. All who used the application agreed on its value, especially when flying in a larger group like ours, as it proved particularly helpful during arrivals at destination airfields and when visiting points of interest along the route, such as Etretat and the Bay of Somme.

We express our gratitude to SafeSky for providing one-month Premium licenses to all Tour des Bretons participants. We hope that many pilots will continue to use the application and spread the word to others, as they have experienced its benefits firsthand. SafeSky has truly contributed to the success and safety of our journey, and we look forward to future adventures with their support!

Jean-Michel Boursier - organiser "Tour des Bretons 2023".


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