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SafeSky supports Norwegian Police Air Support Unit in Search and Rescue drone operations.

Our mission to create a safer sky together, gains new significance as we collaborate with the Norwegian Police Air Support Unit to enhance their Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) operations.

Our technology serves as electronic conspicuity data hub, improving security and efficiency in search and rescue operations involving both manned and unmanned aircraft.


© Norwegian Police Air Support Unit
© Norwegian Police Air Support Unit


In Norway's challenging landscapes, drones play a crucial role in providing aerial insights for locating and rescuing individuals in distress. In 2023, the Norwegian Police successfully saved 50 lives thanks to the use of drones.

SafeSky integration.

The SafeSky implementation addresses two critical needs:

  1. UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) pilots in the field will receive real-time alerts about nearby air traffic, including low-flying aircraft such as helicopters, paramotors, paragliders, ultralights, and general aviation.

  2. SafeSky pilots will receive live drone traffic data, including position and velocity, providing situational awareness of unmanned aircraft.

Drones visible in SafeSky flying in harmony with other traffic.

Besides the use of SafeSky, the Norwegian Police Air Support Unit is exploring the permanent installation of Avionix openAir ground stations, both at fixed locations and in portable formats on drone patrol vehicles. These devices would feed traffic data back into the SafeSky technology, improving traffic information for everyone.

Tristan FILY, SafeSky’s CEO: 

"The drone world is currently paradoxical. Remote pilots are legally obligated to spot other traffic but often lack the systems to do so. Our collaboration with the Norwegian Police aims to rectify this, making drone operations safer and coexistence with other sky users more harmonious. We would like to thank the Norwegian Police Air Support Unit, for their trust and joining us in our ambition to create a safer sky together."


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