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SafeSky and Aviació Adaptada give safe wings to 130 disabled people!

SafeSky takes its mission of making the sky the safest place on earth very serious. Not only for pilots, but also for their passengers.

To do so, we actively support initiatives that advocate safety, joy, and inspiration of our rich aviation heritage across all generations and individuals.

As part of that ambition, today we are pleased to announce our partnership with Aviació Adaptada.

Aviació Adaptada’s mission

Spanish non-governmental organisation Aviació Adaptada strives for equality and inclusion for all people. Allowing disabled persons to have the same opportunities in the realm of sport and leisure is one of their main areas of attention.

To accomplish this, among many other things, each year they organise a social flying event. Thanks to over 100 volunteers, including 40 pilots, more than 130 disabled person can experience the joy of flight in 25 different types of aircraft (motor planes, autogiros, Trikes, and Gliders).. This year, this event will take place on October 1. Over 500 visitors are expected, with presence of TV and other media.

There is also a YouTube channel that covers this event.

SafeSky’s support

As we have done for several other significant flying events, SafeSky will support the organisation by making our Premium app available to all 40 participating pilots. This will increase visibility and thus safety for pilots, passengers, and the organisation, as has been experienced in other events.

Additionally, the experience will be even more inclusive because of our live traffic sharing, which will allow friends and family to follow the flight experience in real time on large displays.

Finally, Aviació Adaptada has chosen to use the accessible flight logs in the Premium plan for flight debriefing with the pilots.

As such SafeSky will not only contribute to the event’s safety, but is also used for educational purposes, a role we take equally seriously.

SafeSky in Spain

Without Aviació Adaptada’s trust but also Alex Bagouet’ support, this incredible partnership would not have been possible. Alex is a commercial pilot (ATPL) and general aviation pilot, and has been a SafeSky supporter since the very beginning. Initially as a beta tester, and currently as SafeSky's representative in Spain. We are overjoyed to have Alex on board and are incredibly grateful to him for all the outstanding work he has done to support and instruct pilots in Spain.

Visit Aviació Adaptada's website to keep up with this fantastic project and witness how our joint efforts will give safe wings to 130 amazing people.


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