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Michael Kros takes flight with SafeSky: A Pilot's journey of increased situational awareness.

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

The setting:

German pilot and influencer Michael Kros, also known as Hirnklempner, recently conducted a successful test of SafeSky, our in-flight information service designed to provide real-time situational awareness. He was inspired by Thomas Borchert’s (Editor in Chief Fliegermagazin) assessment and SafeSky’s nomination of “2023 Innovation of the Year”.

On a chilly Saturday morning in January, Michael took SafeSky to the test during his flight from Münster-Telgte (EDLT) to Oerlinghausen (EDLO).

During this flight, Michael was able to experience first-hand the app's capabilities, including its integration with navigation software like SkyDemon and its effective use of GPS and mobile internet coverage to transmit information.


As he prepared for takeoff, he received his first collision warning, alerting him of another aircraft nearby also preparing for takeoff. (Note from SafeSky: our app has a specific “Approach mode” option that allows to cancel warnings in approaching airfields.) Right after he took off, he also received an automatic ‘double echo’ message which gives a warning if the aircraft is equipped with a radio transmitting device like an ADS-B out transponder. Ground stations receive the signal from the device and share it with SafeSky's servers. This information is then transmitted back to the pilot via the mobile internet, leading to a "double echo". To prevent this, SafeSky has implemented an automatic detection, which allows pilots to confirm it is their aircraft with just one simple click.

Internet quality

Mobile connectivity is crucial to the success of SafeSky, as it relies on the GPS capabilities of mobile devices to transmit the pilot’s location. Michael experienced a short temporary dip in internet quality at the beginning of his flight, but overall, the flight had a strong internet coverage of over 80%. This is shown in the above visual representation provided (solid line = continuous connectivity). In Europe, the network coverage is generally strong up to 3,000 feet, and our latest statistics show that data transmission is successful up to 5,000 feet in the European sky with an 86% success rate.

Integration with SkyDemon

Integration with navigation software like SkyDemon is a key feature of SafeSky (Premium version, visit our web page on device and browser compatibility). Michael tested this integration during his flight. The app worked seamlessly with SkyDemon and alerted him proactively of a nearby airplane. You can see it on the screenshot on your left.

Collision warning

At 14H17:50, SafeSky lived up to its purpose of informing pilots of potential collision risks by alerting Michael of a fast-descending SR22 aircraft flying at +1200 ft. While Michael was focused on his approach, his eyes did not see it but the audible warning encouraged Michael to look around.

SafeSky’s mission accomplished!

SafeSky’s objective is to inform pilots of potential collision risks, as the adage “see and be seen” has its limitations. It has been acknowledged that incidents are both predictable and preventable if you know where and how to look. This is where SafeSky comes in, providing a valuable service by guiding pilots' attention in the right direction.


As Michael soared through the skies, he was able to receive real-time warnings about nearby aircraft, allowing him to remain laser focused on his flight, while staying acutely aware of his surroundings and any potential traffic issues.

Michael said « being impressed » with « super app » SafeSky and the benefits it offers pilots. He will definitely use it in future, how about you?

Listen to Michael’s full experience here. Sub-titles in English can be activated in the Settings.


Note from SafeSky

In its free version, you use SafeSky as an in-flight information service on your phone or tablet.

In its paid version, SafeSky integrates directly with your navigation software and completes your existing hardware installation (Stratux, SkyEcho, FLARM).


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