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eVario, yet another partnership for in-flight traffic information exchange.

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Today we announce yet another partnership as part of our mission to "make the invisible visible" and promote air safety. This time the new partnership involves exchanging traffic data with eVario, a full-featured para/hanggliders’ variometer app for Apple mobile device users.

As part of the partnership, eVario's position data will be shared with SafeSky pilots, while the eVario community will receive SafeSky’s in-flight traffic information, providing paramotors and paragliders with real-time in-flight traffic information. The exchange of data will allow both SafeSky and eVario pilots to have a better understanding of the traffic in their vicinity and become visible (eConspicuous).

"We are excited to partner with eVario and to continue our mission of improving air safety through bidirectional collaboration and interoperability," says SafeSky's CEO, Tristan FILY. "These partnerships offer our pilots unprecedented visibility of air traffic. We are proud to lead this collaborative movement and believe it is key to addressing the challenges of air safety and eConspicuity for all aerial enthusiasts."

eVario aims to enable light-weight aircraft pilots flying their flights as safe as permitted by today’s state-of-the-art technologies, all with consumer electronics.” says VarioSoft's CEO, Jean-Marc MEYER. “SafeSky’s anti-collision system and live data aggregation is an incredible benefit in terms of flight safety. Pilots becoming air-visible to high speed aircraft is a major step towards co-existence of all aircraft in local airspaces. We are happy to contribute to an overwhelming collaboration for improved safety and air data reliability, trend-setting in the pilot’s community.”


SafeSky retrieves traffic data from unparalleled sources, providing you with the most comprehensive air traffic view available.

SafeSky is committed to continue working with partners to improve air safety. This partnership with eVario is another example of SafeSky's commitment to this goal.

For more information, please contact :

· SafeSky (

· VarioSoft (

or virtually meet Tristan and Jean-Marc:



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