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eConspicuity Survey Results: SafeSky usage and feedback.

After we shared the main conclusions of our eConspicuity survey, today we delve into SafeSky. How popular is our app, what is your most recurrent feedback and what are your most frequent questions? And lastly, how can we improve.


Overall usage of SafeSky.

  • 73% of participants use SafeSky, 70% of which use SafeSky on every flight or regularly.

  • Usage is split almost equally between using SafeSky alone (52%) or combined with another eConspicuity system (48%).

  • As mentioned before, pilots using multiple systems combine mostly SafeSky with FLARM (11%) or ADS-B (10%), all three combined (7%), or SafeSky combined with Pilot Aware (6%).

Although SafeSky alone already gives you about 80% of all air traffic, when paired with another EC system, it becomes an excellent complement. - Check it out -


Sense of security and effectiveness.

  • 58% of pilots have a high to very high sense of security with SafeSky.

  • This translates into 50% confirming that SafeSky has already helped avoid an airprox.

  • SafeSky's capability to "see and be seen by as many pilots as possible" scored 96% (fair to high), and its interoperability scored 94%. These are pilots' 2 most important criteria of an effective EC system.


Sense of security - pilot testimonials.

"Only airprox I have experienced was with a plane with no conspicuity at all! Otherwise SafeSky generally alerts me to other aircraft way before I would see them."

Overall pilot experience.

  • Overall positive pilot experience with SafeSky stands at 81%.

  • Highest scores are given for Easy to Use and Easy to Install, both also standing at 81%.

  • Communication & Support received a very high appreciation of 84%.

"Shame not more people use it. So easy to use and cost effective."
"SafeSky is by far the best product but I am sure it can and will become much better over time."
"I appreciate all the work and how active you are on forums, and how quick you are to reply to feedback and fix bugs/make changes."
"Thank you very very very much for this app. It is important for my safety. I advise it to all my students."

Frequently Asked Questions and Quick Answers.

"Can I use SafeSky on 2 devices?"

Yes, you can! Just use your login details on both. ➡️

"I am seeing my own aircraft as conflicting traffic?"

One correction to your settings and it's solved. ➡️

"Please embed SafeSky natively into SkyDemon/Garmin G3X/SDVFR/…."

While we're thrilled about this idea, this decision is not ours as it requires a change in your navigation app. But some integrations might come sooner than you think... ➡️

"I would like to have a PREMIUM trial before I buy it."

Sure! Every new SafeSky pilot gets a one-month free PREMIUM trial. ➡️

"I cannot see Mode S/C?"

This is because at least 4 ground stations are generally required for multilateration*. Federations and clubs across Europe are investing in this initiative, facilitated by SafeSky. ➡️

"I see aircraft that SafeSky does not see."

Frustrating indeed. This is what happens when pilots decide not to make themselves electronically visible or when instances choose not to their share data. ➡️

"My internet is not always stable."

While in 80% of the tie internet works perfectly fin in Europe above 5000 feet AGL, we understand your frustration. We are working on a solution and future investments from telecom operators will likely improve even more coverage. ➡️

"I don’t use SafeSky as not all pilots use SafeSky so I will not see all traffic."

Not necessary! SafeSky aggregates traffic from 15+ sources besides their 65000+ pilots, so you'll see about 80% of all traffic, including non-SafeSky pilots. ➡️

*Multilateration in aviation traffic information is figuring out where airplanes are by looking at how long it takes for their signals to reach different ground receivers. By comparing these different times, the system can pinpoint where the airplane is.



  • SafeSky has been widely adopted by pilots in Europe as an effective anti-collision solution.

  • Whether used alone or in combination with other systems, pilots acknowledge and experience its benefits, particularly in receiving timely alerts.

  • We are particularly proud about the high appreciation for the app's maximum traffic information and interoperability, as it sets SafeSky apart from other systems.

  • On the other hand, while its ease of use is highly confirmed, frequent questions indicate the need for us to further explain our unique technology.

  • Finally, another aspect that sets SafeSky apart is the strong sense of community and contribution from our pilots.


Now what? What's next?

We greatly value your input and leverage it to continually improve and innovate the app.

You have shared some great ideas for new functionalities and design. Perfect timing as we are preparing our new version V3! Stay tuned for more news.


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