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Making the Invisible VISIBLE

Your most comprehensive

in-flight traffic information solution



> 40K pilots


> 65 alerts /day


40 countries


8 languages


At SafeSky, we believe in the power of collaboration and have taken on a federating role in addressing the significant challenges facing air safety in General Aviation.

Our Users

 "SafeSky saved my life."

SafeSky is the leading provider of air safety solutions for pilots of all experience levels and aircraft classes.

Our user base has grown exponentially, with over 40,000 pilot-users in just two years.

Our Partners

In addressing the issue of market fragmentation in situational awareness, SafeSky's strategy is based on the principle of complementarity.

This has led to a number of new and previously unseen market collaborations.

Decision makers

We closely work with general aviation authorities, to jointly address national and international air safety challenges.

Our unique safety data insights have become a strategic component of private and public projects and strategies.

This has led to a number of new and previously unseen market collaborations.

What distinguishes SafeSky?
With a proud and passionate community of pilots, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable partner in the general aviation industry.

Our unique and comprehensive pilot experience adds value to all pilots, from the most vulnerable to the most equipped.

We pride ourselves on our flexible and user-centred service, which meets pilots' evolving needs and provides new, innovative solutions.

Our collaborative and federating entrepreneurial spirit allows us to jointly elevate air safety.

We enjoy the harmonious balance between an adaptive and pioneering start-up mentality and a professional and experienced corporate mastery.

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