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No one is safe from being landed in the countryside, which is why SafeSky has developed the Mayday feature.
This allows the pilot to inform his relatives of his position and, if necessary, totrigger rescue (Search & Rescue).

Concretely, here is how it works.


1) The pilot still up to 3 close contacts. We recommend that some of them be pilots themselves in order to know how to judge the urgency of the situation. SafeSky records their name, phone number and email address.

2) Each of these contacts must read and accept the procedure sent to them.

3) In the event of triggering of the Mayday functionality by the pilot, each of the contactsreceives an SMS and/or an email indicating the route followed, the last known position and the telephone number of the competent services to contact, depending on the country where the alert was triggered (SafeSky is in contact with the authorities of 29 countries in Europe).
It only remains for the contacts to forward the information received to the authorities.
A personalized link to containing the flight trace is also provided.

Note that the emergency can also be canceled at any time.  


5) SafeSky will also respond to requests from authorities to expedite the search.

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