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SafeSky - Newsletter June 2022

Hello, fellow pilots!

After a busy start of the year and AERO 2022 delivering on all of its promises, the SafeSky team continues innovating to provide you with the greatest user experience. Our purpose remains the same: SAFETY FOR ALL.

So, what do we have to offer this time? Version 2.03 is now all yours.


SafeSky Version 2.03

This new version aligns with our goal of increasing SafeSky's compatibility and interoperability by forming new partnerships with navigation software developers and device manufacturers.

Here are some of the latest version's new features:

  • Air Navigation Pro: SafeSky is fully compatible with Air Navigation Pro. SafeSky traffic is now available on your AirNavPro maps thanks to a great partnership between the two teams.

  • Sky-Map: Sky-Map is a German navigation program that can now display our traffic.

  • Double echo: If you have a transponder, SafeSky recommends encoding your hexadecimal code to avoid the double echo phenomenon. However, many of you are unaware of this code or do not have access to it (e.g. rental aircraft). This new version warns you if you have a double echo and offers to automatically encode the hexadecimal value found in your device settings. A significant step forward!

  • Weather: Even when an airfield does not have a weather station, weather data (METAR and TAF) are accessible. Information from the nearest stations is then offered. And we pledge to make further work in this area, because weather affects flight safety as well!

  • STRATUX: It is now possible to establish an IP address for pilots who use a Stratux device. Check out the STRATUX website on SafeSky compatibility and configuration.

  • We invite you to download our latest version to learn more about these and other new features.


Are you PREMIUM?

During the AERO 2022 exhibition, we realised that many of you were unaware of the existence of the PREMIUM plan in addition to our free version.

While the free version includes all security-related features, the PREMIUM plan provides enhanced user convenience and, most importantly, compatibility and interoperability with external peripherals and navigation applications.

As a reminder, the key benefits of the PREMIUM plan are:

  • Shared traffic with GDL90 compatible navigation software such as SkyDemon, AirNavPro, EasyVFR4, Sky-Map, SDFVR, and others

  • Increased visibility on traffic thanks to SafeSky compatibility with SkyEcho, Stratux, and Power Flarm devices. This is a fantastic technological advancement!

  • Multiple planes configuration while using the same account

  • Flight tracks recordings that can be exported

  • Circuit mode to see approaching airfield traffic

  • Most up-to-date weather forecasts

Visit our website at to learn more about our PREMIUM features.

Convinced? Become PREMIUM today by going to <Preferences/Premium> and unlock all features.


Share your stories

We're always interested in hearing about your SafeSky experiences and testimonials. Many users have already shared an AIRMISS or AIRPROX resolving safely thanks to SafeSky. Because everyone's safety is our first priority, your testimonials drive us to provide you with an ever safer and more efficient application. So don't hesitate to send us a photo and a few lines to share your experience. We'll let the SafeSky community know about it.

On our TESTIMONIAL page you can read the story of Satanas: an EBBY-LFSN-EBBY flight with a SAFESKY-SKYECHO-SKYDEMON configuration.



We are glad to announce that SafeSky will be present in BLOIS for the Mondial de l'ULM, from September 2 to 4, 2022.

Surprises, meetings and interviews are all on the agenda...

Come see us, and share your enthusiasm with us!



The SafeSky team


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