Interconnectivity and GDL90 protocol

Traffic sharing

SafeSky develops its interconnectivity allowing traffic to be displayed directly on your favourite navigation applications.

As of now, SafeSky can interact with the latest navigation applications using the GDL90 protocol. This feature is available for pilots with an annual 'Early Bird' subscription.

SafeSky functions towards navigation software like an external device such as SkyEcho, FlightAware or Stratux.

This enhancement extends the scope of use of SafeSky.

  • Mobile phone running SafesSky in the background (standby mode) transferring traffic information to your navigation software.
  • Mobile phone running SafeSky in radar mode transferring traffic information to your navigation software.
  • Tablet running SafeSky, either in the background or as a screen share, transferring traffic information to your navigation software.

You can use SafeSky and your navigation app either on two different devices sharing an internet connection (phone + tablet or other phone), or on the same device. It's up to you!

Example of using the 'best of both worlds' in splitview on a tablet (SafeSky + SkyDemon).

Example with SDVFR, in Android splitview.

Example with ForeFlight.

But how does it work?

1. Settings in SafeSky

New settings have been added in the "Settings" caption of the application. It's a simple as that!

In the section dedicated to GDL90, just activate and configure the following parameters:

  1. Enable GDL90: send traffic information to your other applications / devices using the GDL90 protocol.
  2. Automatic device discovery: SafeSky will automatically search for nearby devices and connect to them. If the automatic search does not work, you can also directly enter the IP address of the devices.
  3. Use SafeSky as a GPS source: some navigation software require to activate this option (eg. mandatory for SkyDemon however not recommended for SDVFR and ForeFlight).
  4. Traffic range: indicate here the traffic range you would like to transfer to your navigation application. The maximum range is 43NM (80KM).

2. How to configure the navigation applications and GDL90?

Although SafeSky's configuration is simple, it is not always the case for the navigation applications. We therefore detail here below the configuration to be followed for the 3 compatible navigation applications, being SDVFR, ForeFlight and SkyDemon. For any other navigation software, we advise you to personally check the ability to dialogue in GDL90 with other sources such as SafeSky.


The GDL90 feature is only available on the Android version of SDVFR.


  • Open the SDVFR application.
  • Go to 'Settings/Options' and select 'Configure' in the last section 'External traffic source.
  • Select UDP GDL90 and port 4000 - We advise you not to activate 'Use GPS from external source'.
  • Make sure to set the horizontal and vertical limit in a window compatible with the same limits set in SafeSky. We recommend that you use the default settings in the above screen.
  • To test the communication, make sure that SafeSky and SDVFR are sharing a connection or are on the same network and click on 'Take off' in SafeSky. A text 'source successfully detected' should appear and any traffic information below.

B. ForeFlight

Available on Android and iOS.


  • Open ForeFlight application.
  • Go to 'More' -> 'Devices' tab.
  • Make sure you have configured SafeSky to use GDL90, then 'Take off' via SafeSky.
  • ForeFlight should automatically detect traffic information and display a compatible ADS-B device.
  • You can select the ADS-B box to see the reception details. We recommend that you do not activate "Use as GPS".
  • Exit the 'Devices' menu and return to the ForeFlight map. Traffic around you based on SafeSky filters should appear.

C. SkyDemon

Available on Android and iOS.


  • Open SkyDemon application.
  • Go to 'Settings / Third Party Devices' and activate GDL90 Compatible Device.
  • Start the flight on SkyDemon and activate 'GDL90 Compatible Device.
  • Launch SafeSky and 'Take off' - SafeSky will confirm sending traffic information to a GDL90 compatible device, including the chosen radius and altitude. Example: "GDL90 sharing is activated. In-flight traffic between -4,000 ft and +4,000 ft within a 50 km radius is now exchanged." These parameters are linked to the filters applied in SafeSky.
  • In the SkyDemon application, go to Settings / Navigation Options / OTHER TRAFFIC' and adapt the vertical filter according to your needs.
  • SafeSky traffic will be displayed on the SkyDemon map in navigation mode.


3. Note about Android

In case SafeSky is running in the background according to your configuration, it may be required to grant certain permissions to SafeSky, depending on the version of Android.

These permissions relate to allowing SafeSky to:

  • Operate in the background
  • Access to mobile data
  • Switch of battery optimisation (often activated to save energy)

If SafeSky continues to be 'rejected' by Android in the background, please check this link to verify your configuration:


Enjoy SafeSky's new features!



The SafeSky TEAM