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Let us help you with your air safety ambition.

General Aviation Federations bring together passionate members with a common aeronautical purpose. They serve as a north star for their members, protecting their interests and guiding them to act in the same positive direction.


Air safety is one of these positive and protective ambitions.


Your ambition is ours!


Without a doubt, we are all responsible for air safety.


Being "e-Conspicuous", that’s to say being SEEN by other airspace users, is a key enabler of air safety. This is however easier said than done. Not all aircraft are equipped with sophisticated situational awareness devices and there are so many, different systems, peripherals and software options.  And none of these interact with one another. The risk of mid-air crashes is real.


This is where SafeSky brings an innovative solution: it aims at making all these devices, technologies or software ‘interoperable’.


What can we do for you?

In a joint effort, we can support your safety ambitions by offering you and your members safety services and perks. These could include:

  • Access to the SafeSky Premium app for the members for a limited duration

  • An active promotion of the fully functional SafeSky free version app

  • A free access to the SafeSky Premium app for instructors willing to play an active educational role

  • Support in the traffic management at your major events

  • Learning sessions about e-Conspicuity in general and intelligent use of existing situational awareness systems


Interested ?

Are you the president or the safety responsible of a GA Federation? Would you like to talk to us about how we might support your air safety ambition? Just contact us at

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